At AMC, quality is our ultimate goal. That's probably why we're growing quickly-our clients know how deeply we care about our work. Our standards are high and we leave nothing to chance, building our approach to service on four key elements:


In our business, safety must be a top priority. So we choose our personnel carefully, train them thoroughly and mentor them closely. Our rigorous health and safety programs protect everyone involved-employees, visitors, contractors, sub-contractors and clients.


From pre-job planning to post-mortem analysis, we are constantly evaluating our solutions and processes to ensure optimal results. This analytical approach to quality assurance ensures that our work sites operate to the highest standards of productivity, innovation and efficiency.


We pride ourselves on the ability to complete a wide variety of jobs with high-quality results, regardless of scope or logistics. We keep an updated equipment fleet, and if we don’t own the right machinery for the project, we will get it.


Communication and attentiveness shape every aspect of our customer relations. We listen to your needs and concerns, and we stay in close contact throughout the project to ensure your satisfaction. This open-door strategy helps us solve problems before they occur.


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AMC provides a host of construction services for the ever-expanding oil and gas industry of western Canada. Our teams are highly experienced in earthworks and construction, providing professional expertise whenever and wherever you need it. We're on site from beginning to end, making sure your project is on time and flowing smoothly.


AMC puts the same care and attention into every job, whether it's maintaining a road or cleaning up a spill. We have a variety of labour crews that can complete any task- no matter how simple, complex or downright messy-with skill and efficiency.


The safe delivery of tools and materials to your job site is crucial to your operation, whether we're transporting a single parasol to a bulldozer. So trust AMC with your cargo. We'll ensure it arrives safely and on time-every time. Our new fleet of trucks is rigged to the highest standards, and our drivers undergo extensive training in load securement and defensive driving procedures.


To help streamline your construction process, we're set up as a one-stop-shop. Bringing AMC on board means you don't have to worry about hiring multiple contractors. We know who's best in their field across the industry and we have strong relationships with those companies. Our sub-contractors' equipment and staff are carefully evaluated to ensure they meet industry standards-and ours. So let us build an exceptional crew while you get on with your project.

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